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10 Reasons to Brush your Teeth

Miscellaneous your teeth twice a day should be a very important part of your dental routine. There are many reasons to brush your teeth twice a day, some of them are common knowledge and some of them aren't. We go through ten of the most important reasons below: 1. Save money - Prevention is cheaper than cure! Brushing your teeth twice a day will improve the health of your teeth and gums and help to prevent problems in the future - leaving you with lower dental bills. 2. Fresh Breath - Bacteria... Read more

How to whiten teeth at home

Miscellaneous Appearances matter, and having stained or discoloured teeth can make us feel self-conscious and even create a poor first impression. A survey says of the 10 things men judge women most on, teeth came top at 58%. And for women, bad teeth are a deal breaker, with 78% saying teeth are the thing they notice most about men. So what's causes tooth staining and what can you do about it? Why do teeth get stained? Teeth can become stained or yellow in 2 ways: either stains buildup on the ... Read more

Teeth Matter: Are You Guilty Of Neglect?

Miscellaneous's normal to take our oral health for granted until there's a problem. In fact, a survey for National Smile Month found that millions of us would cancel a trip to the dentist to go to the pub, cinema or clothes shopping. If that's the case, what other basic dental health measures are we skimping on? Are you brushing right? The advice to brush teeth twice a day is not new. But while many of us have good intentions, sometimes we simply forget or don't make time for tooth care. And, when we do ... Read more

Tooth Pain

Miscellaneous who has ever had a toothache will testify that it’s one of the worst pains imaginable. When you hear the word ‘tooth pain’ it sounds pretty harmless. It isn’t until you actually experience a toothache that you realise just how unbearable it can be. So what exactly is it and why does it occur? Understanding tooth pain Tooth pain can affect the teeth and the jaws and it is considered to be the first sign of tooth decay. It affects people differently. Some will feel constant p... Read more

Beach Holidays and Oral Health

Miscellaneous you are planning on getting away for some sun in the final few months of the year, you may be interested to learn more about some of the facts surrounding holidays and how particular types of holiday can have implications on your oral health. Beach holidays and trips to hot countries are understandably a very common choice of holiday for British people. These types of holidays are not quite as popular with dentists, however, as the warmer climates often encourage a short but intensive change... Read more

Looking after your child’s teeth

Miscellaneous importance of brushing your teeth is a notion that is wise to instil in children from an early age. If you are able to provide a routine for your child whereby they are aware of how often they need to brush their teeth, the likelihood is that they will carry a positive attitude towards oral health as they grow up. You can begin the process from a very young age. For babies, you can use a soft toothbrush to brush their gums at bath time, even allowing them to do so themselves if supervised... Read more

Looking after your teeth

Miscellaneous your teeth twice daily has long been the recommended way to keep them healthy, and if you are doing this you are going a long way to ensuring that your teeth remain in good condition. On top of your daily routine brushing, maintaining a healthy general lifestyle is an effective way of looking after your teeth. Drinking alcohol, smoking, and a poor diet are known to be contributors to problems with teeth, and it is therefore important to keep a close eye on what you intake in order to... Read more

All About Braces

Miscellaneous have been commonly worn by children for many years now, but did you know that more adults than ever are now exploring the possibility of having them fitted? The reason for this is their reliability. Braces are worn for the purpose of correcting both cosmetic and practical issues. The common conception is that braces are worn mainly by those who require their teeth straightened to create a conventional smile. While this is true, many individuals also wear them in order to correct a dent... Read more

Dental Warning Signs

Miscellaneous health of both your teeth and gums is vitally important. It can be easy to believe your teeth are in great condition if you brush twice a day and it's not rare for people to dismiss what are actually warning signs as harmless everyday occurrences. We've listed a couple of these warning signs for you below, along with some notes on how to both fix and prevent the problems. Twinges Often characterised as sudden and sharp pains in various areas of the mouth, twinges are commonly dismissed... Read more

Tooth Whitening

Miscellaneous wants a bright, white, natural and glowing smile. It's well documented that some celebrities go to great lengths to achieve it too, whether that's through vastly expensive treatments or brushing their teeth a dangerously excessive amount of times every day. Stains come in all shapes and sizes: spots, blotches, a line that crosses the tooth or even a dark ring that circles between the teeth. Some stains are small, covering a small section of a single tooth and some are far larger, cov... Read more


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