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  1. Dentures can be full or partial, according to patient requirements
  2. Effective, long-lasting results both practically and cosmetically
  3. Most modern variation of a traditional form of dental treatment

Q: What are dentures? And why do people have them?
A: There are two types of denture – full and partial. The denture that is right for you will be recommended based upon the number of teeth within your mouth that need to be replaced, and the position in which they are required.

Q: How long will dentures last?
A: Given the correct level of care, there is no reason that your dentures should not last for a very long time. As part of the procedure of having dentures fitted, your dentist will provide you with the best possible advice on how to look after your dentures correctly.

Q: Dentures may be right for me. How can I enquire about this further?
A: We encourage you to book an appointment for a consultation at Grosvenor Place Dental Practice. You can do this by registering your interest in an appointment using the contact function on this website, or by calling us by telephone on 01352 753 777.


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