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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Ronaldinho’s Smile Makeover

Miscellaneous of the most recognisable figures in world football and two-time FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldinho, has undergone cosmetic dental treatment to realign and straighten his trademark buck-tooth smile. The Brazil international underwent gum reduction surgery, teeth realignment, and also had veneers fitted to improve the uniformity of his smile and restyle the teeth that over the years have somewhat characterised the player. The dental work was reportedly swift and did not affect in an... Read more

Great News for Tea-Drinkers

Miscellaneous to our previous blog, labelled Dental News for Tea-Drinkers, we have more tea-related dental information for you! If you are a regular tea drinker, you will pleased to hear that recent studies have found that those who drink three or four cups of tea per day may benefit from a reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Tea, and black tea in particular, consists of ingredients that are able to fight the bacteria that can cause problems for your teeth and gums, meaning that those who d... Read more

Tooth Whitening: What Is The Law?

Miscellaneous may or may not be aware of the changes that have been made to the legal guidelines surrounding tooth whitening in recent times. Tooth Whitening, though a very popular cosmetic dental treatment, must only be carried out by a person who is qualified and authorised to do so. Tooth whitening treatments are regulated by the General Dental Council, and there are a number of clear and strict guidelines that must be adhered to by providers that all prospective patients should be aware of. The Toot... Read more

Get Your Hollywood Smile

Miscellaneous may have read or heard the recent comments made by worldwide comedy superstar Ricky Gervais regarding the difference in attitudes he has noticed towards the appearance of teeth between people in the United Kingdom and those in the United States. Gervais described this as “the biggest difference between Brits and Americans”, and outlined just how strongly Americans aspire to the straighter, whiter smiles that they see flashed by their Hollywood heroes. A beautiful smile is a wonderful a... Read more


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